Power Rangers RPM 2009


Power Rangers Mystic Force

Titan Zords

"Thanks to the Galwit Mysto Prifior spell, the Rangers can take their magical abilities to the big league by transforming into the Mystic Titan Zords..."

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Centaurus Megazord

"The most powerful creature in the forest was the Legendery Catastros, a dark horse stronger than a hundred men. Many..."

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Solar Streak Megazord

"Unlike the Mystic Rangers, Solaris Knight does not have the ability to transform into a Mystic Titan. To enable him to take part in giant sized battles, as..."

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Manticore Megazord

"The Mystic Legend Warrior Mode needs Mystic Titans of appropriate power. To that end, the Rangers can access the forms required to create Manticore..."





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