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Solar Streak Megazord Name Solar Streak Megazord
First Seen PR #588 / PRMF #15 / "Inner Strength"
Last Seen PR #602 / PRMF #30 / "The Return"
Height 53 meters
Width 51.7 meters
Length 34 meters
Weight 9200 tons
Output 4300 million horsepower



Unlike the Mystic Rangers, Solaris Knight does not have the ability to transform into a Mystic Titan. To enable him to take part in giant sized battles, as well as tranport between realms, he has the Solar Streak Train. Summoned by clipping the Travelion Ticket with his Solar Cell Morpher, the enormous five-part train thunders into a station in Briarwood to allow its pilots to board.

The Train is usually controlled by both Solaris Knight and Jenji, who assists by shoveling vast amounts of fuel into its blazing hot furnace.While Train mode may be essential for interdimensional travel, Megazord Mode is vital for giant size battles. The four carriages can seperate and come together to form legs and arms for the main engine. As the Solar Streak Megazord is so bulky, it makes up for its relative immobility in powerful remote attacks.

The train can dispatch two mini engines which can wrap railway tracks around opponents to restrain them. To confuse enemies, the Megazord can fire dark plumes of smoke from its head, which can make the immediate area impossible to navigate. The Megazord is also capable of a powerful finishing move, by which it can vaporize a monster and pull it into its furnace, where it is burned up.





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