Power Rangers RPM 2009

Morticon Name Morticon
First Seen PR #573 / PRMF #01 / "Broken Spell, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "The Gatekeeper, Part 2"
Notes Destroyed by Titan Megazord



Morticon was one of the highest ranking Generals of the Undead forces. Years ago, he was instrumental in participating in the Great Battle, fighting against Lianbow and Daggeron for control of the Surface World. Morticon, along with the rest of the invading army, was defeated, and locked away, down in the underworld, behind giant mystical gates.

Over time, the gates began to develop cracks, which allowed less powerful beings to escape. Morticon, being as powerful as he was, was not able to escape as there was no spell strong enough to unbind him. Morticon instead relied on Koragg and Necrolai to invade Briarwood and bring about the destruction of the gates, to release not only himself but The Master as well.

Morticon was eventually freed from the Underworld when the demoness Necrolai stole the Gatekeeper power, and used it to raise the giant Gates to the Surface World. A battle with Titan Megazord inadvertantly caused the Gates to crack even more, allowing Morticon his chance to escape. Morticon soon engaged the Rangers in battle, and demonstrated his incredible powers, easily defeating them.

However, Nick was able to utilise the power of Catastros to form the Centaurus Pheonix Megazord, and substantially weaken Morticon. Morticon soon struggled when the Rangers when they took him on in Titan Megazord form, and was no match at all for them, when they where backed up with additional magic from Udonna. Morticon was finally destroyed by the Titan Megazord's Mystic Strike assault.






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