Power Rangers RPM 2009

The Master Name The Master
First Seen PR #573 / PRMF #01 / "Broken Spell, Part1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"
Notes Destroyed by combined Mystic Force attack



The Master is the supreme ruler of evil magic, who resides deep in the Underworld. Trapped in the very deapths of the Underworld, The Master is not even able to reach the caverns where Morticon and Koragg reside.

The Master spearheaded the invasion of the Surface World during the Great Battle, but was never able to reach beyond the giant Gates. Lianbow decided to ensure the Master would remain trapped, and took it upon himself to venture into the Underworld and force him back. Lianbow was successful, but The Master was able to use his dark powers to erase Lianbows memories, and force upon him the identity of Koragg. Before anyone could help, the Gates to the Underworld were sealed.

Years later, when Koragg had finally broken free of The Master's dark magic, it looked as if The Master had a chance of reaching back up to the Surface World. The newly reverted Lianbow once again ventured into the Underworld and trapped him once again, with the Mystic Force Fire Strike attack.

However, the dark energy of The Master was still being held within Koragg, who had chosen to sacrifice his own freedom in order to imprison The Master. However, with the arrival of the Ten Terrors, Koragg (now reverted to Leanbow) was captured and the evil energy of The Master was reclaimed. The Master chose one of the Terror's named Matoombo to form his new host, but Matoombo decided to abandon the cause of evil, and sacrifice himself in the Sleeping Lake of the Dawn Dimension in order to prevent The Master from taking over his body. However, he was discovered by fellow Terror Sculpin, who slew Matoombo, allowing the Master to fully incorporate Matoombo's body. As The Master took over, Matoombo's body was destroyed by its power, and his evil energy returned to the Underworld, and into the Stone of Judgement. Soon, The Master decided to attack the Rangers directly, and possesed the body of Nick, arming him in the armour of Koragg.

While in control of Nick, The Master battled against Leanbow, who managed to connect with Nick and break the hold The Master had over him. The Master then went to the Mystic Mother, destroyed her and her palace, and drained Leanbow and Daggeron of their life force. Returning to Briarwood, the Master had to contend with the combined force of Itassis, the Rangers, Udonna, Claire, Necrolai and the revived Leanbow and Daggeron, as well as the Snow Prince. In addtion to this, they were also joined by the citizens of Briarwood and the the creatures of the Forrest, who gave their support to the Rangers, who then went on to attack the Master. In his giant form, The Master simply devoured any magic the Rangers could throw at him. With the help of their friends, the Rangers were able to overload the Master with magic energy, destroying him.







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