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Daggeron - Solaris Knight Name Daggeron
Designation Solaris Knight
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #587 / PRMF #14 / "Long Ago "
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"



Originally the apprentice of master wizard Leanbow, Daggeron is an experienced knight who fought alongside the original Mystic Wizards in the great battle against The Master and Morticon twenty years ago.

Daggeron was instructed to take the infant Bowan to safety, when he encountered another warrior named Calindor, who was once his closest friend. Unfortunately for Daggeron, Calindor could utilize the power of dark magic and used it to defeat Daggeron by transforming him into a harmless frog. However, Calindor's efforts did not go entirely to plan, and his curse backfired, causing him and the Daggeron-frog to be trapped inside a cave.

They both remained sealed in the cave until many years later, when the Rangers were led to the cave by LeeLee. The Rangers were able to penetrate the seal on the cave, where they found Daggeron's Laser Lamp. Unbeknownst to the Rangers, the Daggeron-frog followed them out. During a battle with Jester, the Daggeron-frog managed to save Madison from an attack, and in a bizarre attempt at thanks, Madison kissed the frog, which then reverted Daggeron to his human form.

Daggeron took it upon himself as the most experienced Mystic Warrior to teach and train the young Rangers just as his mentor had taught him. Not only this, but Daggeron also assisted the Rangers in battle as the Solaris Knight. Daggeron could also take part in giant battles by commanding the Solar Streak Megazord alongside his longtime ally, Jenji.

Daggeron was not without fault, and soon found himself being chastised by the Snow Price, who told him it was time for him to become a student once again.

Daggeron was defeated in the final battle with the Master, but was revived when LeeLee convinced Necrolai to use her Magic to heal him. When the Master was defeated, Daggeron decided to remain in the forest to help protect and rebuild the villages it contained.



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