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Chip Thorn - Yellow Ranger Name Charlie "Chip" Thorn
Designation Yellow Mystic Force Ranger
Age 17 (circa 2006)
First Seen PR #573 / PRMF #01 / "Broken Spell, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"



Known to his friends as "Chip", this particular Ranger lives with head in the sky. Bored with everyday life, Chip passed the days indulging in fantasy, be it comic books, movies, or role play. This sort of personality would not be tolerated by many people, but Chip is fortunate in that his small group of friends love him.

Chip works alongside his friends at the Rockporium, where more often than not, he can be seen goofing around more than working. It was just across the street from the store that he and the other first encountered Nick, and joined him in the trek into the Briarwood forest. It was in that forest that he met Udonna, who gifted him with a Magistaff and the ability to transform into the Yellow Ranger.

Unlike the others, Chip was able to naturally accept the gift of magic, thanks to his childlike love of adventure. This eagerness soon got him into trouble. Loving his new life as a superhero, he wanted everything that came with it- including a collection of cool gadgets and powers. Udonna explained to the Rangers that these new Spellcodes would only be revealed in time by performing heroic deeds. Chip was impatient, and decided to fast-track his Spellcodes, by offering assistance to the citizens of Briarwood- although his efforts didnt always actually help matters. Chip learned that the only way to get new Spellcodes was to earn them as a Ranger, in the fight against evil.

As the Yellow Ranger, Chip can transform using his Mystic Morpher. He also has access to the Mystic Racer- a powerful, flight-capable jet derived from a broomstick. The Yellow Ranger has a natural talent for manipulating lightning, and can even take part in giant sized battles, as he has the ability to transform into the Garuda Mystic Titan.



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