Power Rangers RPM 2009

Snow Prince Name Snow Prince
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #600 / PRMF #27 / "The Snow Prince"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"


The Snow Prince was the original mentor to the first Mystic Warriors including Leanbow. The powers of the Snow Prince are strongest in his own North Dimension, and as such, he choses to reside there on his own. When Daggeron strayed from the path of knowledge, the Snow Prince summoned him in order to learn a lesson, and for one day, Nick was the teacher and Daggeron was the student.

The Snow Prince wanted Daggeron to learn to follow his instincts, and until he did, the Snow Prince helped the Rangers in their fight against Megahorn. Since his powers were weakened, the Snow Prince took Megahorn to the North Dimension to fight. When Daggeron was ready, the Snow Prince allowed Daggeron to enter the fight. When Daggeron proved himself capable, the Snow Prince returned to his own dimension.

When the Master was ready to attack the world, the Mystic Mother sent the Snow Prince with Claire to help the Rangers in the final battle.



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