Power Rangers RPM 2009

Jenji Name Jenji
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #604 / PRMF #31 / "Mystic Fate, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"


Jenji Jenji



Once the strongest and most popular cat in all his homeland, Jenji was banished from his village by the jealous King Cat Rexigan, who instructed a witch to cast a spell over the inhabitants of the village in order to convice them that Jenji was evil. Forced to wander the world, Jenji eventually encountered a collection of treasure, which was actually an evil trap. It was then that Jenji first encountered the Solaris Knight, who tried to warn Jenji about the danger he was in. When Jenji decided to ignore the advice of the Solaris Knight, the Solaris Knight had no option but to use his powers to save him, and placed Jenji inside a magic lamp, transforming him into a genie.

Being transferred into the lamp saved Jenji from destruction, but it also meant that he could only remain outside of it for a maximum of two hours, or he would eventually turn to dust. When Daggeron was trapped in the Sea Cave by Callindor in the Great Battle, Jenji was trapped alongside, inside the Lamp.

Nineteen years later, the Rangers breached the seal around the cave and encountered the Laser Lamp on the ground. They took it back to Rootcore, where they released Jenji from the lamp. In return, Jenji agreed to grant the Rangers one single wish. However, the deal was rendered void when Chip wished for everyone to have ten wishes, which broke the Genie Contract.

Reunited with Daggeron, Jenji was reluctant to enter into any sort of battle. However, when he did, he demonstrated impressive levels of power. Jenji was able to perform a powerful scratch assualt that he called the "Super Cat Attack", as well as growing himself to giant size. As well as fighting, Jenji also helped to co-pilot the Solar Streak Train by maintaining the engine pressure.



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