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Sydney "Syd" Drew - Pink Ranger Name Sydney "Syd" Drew
Designation SPD Pink Ranger
Age 18 (circa 2020)
First Seen PR #535 / PRSPD #01 / "Beginnings, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #572 / PRSPD #38 / "Endings, Part 2 "



Sydney "Syd" Drew is the 18 year old Pink B-Squad Ranger. Syd has the genetic ability to create to turn her hands into any element she touches. She is a typical valley-girl, and comes from a wealthy family. In 2001, Syd's parents were part of a team of pioneering scientists, researching Ranger technology- the same technology that now operates their SPD Morphers.

There were unplanned events in the early stages of development, which altered the genes of the scientists. These altered genes were passed on to Syd, in the form of her special abilities.

As the Pink SPD Ranger, Syd is equiped with an S.P.D. Morpher, the Deltamax Striker sidearm, the S.P.D. Police Cruiser and Delta Runner 5 for a Zord.





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