Power Rangers RPM 2009

Piggy Name Piggy
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #535 / PRSPD #01 / "Beginnings, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #572 / PRSPD #38 / "Endings, Part 2 "
Piggy first arrived on Earth in 2006, as seen in PRMF's "Scaredy Cat"



Piggy is a homeless alien who has lived on Earth since 2006. He is a common informant willing to sell out to whoever offers him payment.

He is always looking for a way to make money or get food, and has no loyalty to either the Rangers or Gruumm- selling information about one to the other on several occasions. Thanks to a stroke of luck, Piggy obtained a winning lottery ticket that made him rich. Piggy used the funds to open a trailer cafe for the various monsters, aliens, and street outcasts of the city. While the cafe was successful, whenever the Rangers would appear, the customers would leave, frustrating Piggy.

Piggy led the B Squad Rangers into a trap set by Gruumm, but soon after, regretted his decision and set about rescue. He snuck aborad Gruumm's ship disguised as a Krybot and released the Rangers, helping them return to Earth to defeat Omni.





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