Power Rangers RPM 2009

Katana Name Katana
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #552 / PRSPD #18 / "Samurai"
Last Seen PR #552 / PRSPD #18 / "Samurai"



The alien Katana fell to Earth several hundred years ago. He was found by a samurai in Japan, and trained as one of their own. He vowed to protect old Kyoto, but was brought through a timehole to modern-day Kyoto by Gruumm, who wanted to use him to destroy the Rangers.

Broodwing told Katana that the Rangers were there to destroy Kyoto, forcing him to react. Katana was superior in his fighting skills, but Jack was able to prove himself a worthy opponent.

Katana then returned to old Japan via the timehole, at which time, the Omega Ranger, in his lightball form, emerged in the present.




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