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Triceramax Megazord Name Triceramax Megazord
First Seen PR #524 / PRDT #28 / "The Passion of Conner"
Last Seen PR #529 / PRDT #33 / "In Your Dreams"
Height 67.2 meters
Weight 10150 tons
Output 45 million horsepower
The Zord was destoyed in battle in PRDT's "Thunder Struck, Part 2"


When the Mezodon Megazord combines with Celphalazord, Ankylozord, Dimetrozord and Parasaur, the awesome Triceramax Megazord is formed.The Megazord comes equipped with a massive golden lance, which it can use to perform a devastating tornado energy attack.

This Zord is one of the largest Zords, and towers above the Thundersaurus Megazord. Despite its impressive size and mass, the Triceramax is more than capable of stealth and speed on the battlefield.







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