Power Rangers RPM 2009

Mezodon Megazord Name Mezodon Megazord
First Seen PR #519 / PRDT #23 / "A Star is Torn"
Last Seen PR #534 / PRDT #38 / "Thunder Struck, Part 2"
Height 80 meters
Weight 5600 tons
Output 35 million horsepower
The Zord was destoyed in battle in PRDT's "Thunder Struck, Part 2"


The Triassic Ranger is capable of calling upon the Mezodon Dinozord, a rampant, charging Dinozord that heaves a massive chariot into battle. The chariot is known as the Triassic Mega Rover.

The Mezodon Dinozord can combine with the Triassic Mega Rover to form the Mezodon Megazord, a powerful fighting machine equipped with twin golden hatchets. The Mezodon Megazord can utilise the hatchets to perform a finishing move called the Hatchet Attack. The Mezodon Megazord can also deal a devestating blow using the spinning power generated from the wheels on its shoulders.







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