Power Rangers RPM 2009

 Triassic Morpher Name Triassic Morpher
First Seen PR #524 / PRDT #28 / "The Passion of Conner"
Last Seen PR #534 / PRDT #38 / "Thunder Struck, Part 2"
With the Dino Gems drained of power, the Triassic Morpher is assumed inobtainable.


When a doubting Conner was faced with saving his new friend Krista from a rampaging Zeltrax, he was able to use his inner power to activate the Triassic Power on his own, as well as his new Triassic Morpher which Battilizes his Triassic form.

The Triassic Morpher transforms from his Dino Morpher, when he is able to charge it with enough Dino Energy. The Triasic Morpher then enables him to activate the Triassic Battlizer.

The new, armoured Triassic Ranger gives the Red Ranger entending arms and legs, and a sholder-pack containing powerful Cannons. The Battilized form has enahanced strength, speed and agilty, as well as special moves, like his Super Fire attack, and Dragon Yo-Yo attack.









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