Power Rangers RPM 2009

Raptor Cycles Name Raptor Cycles
First Seen PR #501 / PRDT #05 / "Back In Black"
Last Seen PR #528 / PRDT #32 / "Thunder Storm, Part 2"
With the Dino Gems drained of power, the Raptor Cycles are assumed inoperable or destroyed.


Created, designed and engineered by Hayley, the Raptor Cycles are three turbo-charged pursuit machines capable of speeds in excess of 530mph. The cycles are commonly used as a way to get from the Dino Thunder base to the battlezone. The cycles are quite agile, and can perform a range of air attacks. In addition, the cycles are also equiped with laser blasters.

The cycles were first revealed to the Rangers when they needed a way to rescue a trapped Tommy from Mesogog. The only way to his island was through an invisportal- and the Raptor Cycles were the only things capable of generating the speeds required to access one.







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