Power Rangers RPM 2009

Zeltrax Name Zeltrax
First Seen PR #497 / PRDT #01 / "Day Of The Dino, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #534 / PRDT #38 / "Thunder Struck, Part 2"
Zeltrax was destroyed in his mutated form in PRDT 38 "Thunder Struck, Part 2"


Zeltrax is Mesogog's most powerful warrior. Zeltrax has been seen to fight with both a giant axe, a long turquoise sword as well as a shield. Smitty was a former colleague of Tommy's, who was fatally wounded in a laboratory explosion while on the verge of a breakthrough. Mesogog found the badly broken body of Smitty, and rebuilt him with cybernetic enhancements.

Zeltrax was badly damaged by Tommy, and sought out the Tree of Life, which gave him an enhanced form and made him stronger. His upgrade was not permanent. In his last battle, he faced destruction at the hands of the Rangers, but switched himself with a copy at the last minute, and escaped.







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