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Tommy Oliver - Black Ranger Name Dr. Tommy Oliver
Designation Dino Thunder Black Ranger
First Seen PR #497 / PRDT #01 / "Day Of The Dino, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #534 / PRDT #38 / "Thunder Struck, Part 2"
"Tommy" returned in PRSPD's "Wormhole"


Tommy is a veteran Ranger, being a member of the first Earthen Ranger team of modern times. After graduating from Angel Grove High, and indeed, the Power Rangers Turbo, he continued on to college, where he found a friend in Hayley, a computer science genius. It was through this friendship that they created the Dino Thunder Morphers and weapons

Tommy hid his past from everyone except Hayley, but they truth came out when Ethan hacked into his computer video-diary. Tommy was found to have been monitoring the Power Rangers ever since he was succeeded in 1997, and continues to prove himself to be the greatest Power Ranger who ever lived.

The Black Dino Gem gave Tommy the DNA power of Invisibility. The gem is the source of power for the Brachio Morpher, which Tommy uses to morph into the Black Ranger.
In his morphed form, Tommy wields the Brachio Staff in hand to hand combat, and also commands the Brachio Zord, a carrier Zord that taxis the three main Zords, as well as any supplementary Zords into battle.







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