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Power Rangers Ninja Storm Name Power Rangers Ninja Storm
First Seen PR #527 / PRDT #30 / "Thunder Storm, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #528 / PRDT #31 / "Thunder Storm, Part 2 "


When Lothor found his way out of the Abyss of Evil, he kidnapped Sensei and took his place. He fooled the Wind Rangers into using his corrupted Power Discs on their Wind Morphers, turning them into his evil slaves. The Wind Rangers are ordered to Reefside, where they battle the Dino Rangers.

Cam, Hunter and Blake return with re-energised Powers, and come to the rescue. They trick the Wind Rangers into using their real Power Discs, and break the evil spell. The six Ninja Rangers then join forces with the Dino Rangers to stop Lothor, his generals and Mesogog.







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