Power Rangers RPM 2009

NASADA Shuttle NASADA Shuttle

"With their powers gone, the only hope of making the journey to Eltar resided with Justin. Thanks to some crafty pleading, he was able to secure passage for the four other Rangers onboard a NASADA..."
Astro Megaship Astro Megaship

"While making their way to Eltar in their new NASADA shuttle, the Rangers encountered a massive ship near Earth. The massive blue craft quickly locked onto the small shuttle..."
Astro Megazord Astro Megazord

"When the time comes to do battle with a monster, the Astro Megaship is capable of transforming into the Astro..."
Delta Megaship Delta Megaship

"The Delta Megaship is a spaceship that was given to the Power Rangers by Phantom Ranger. The Delta Megaship's main armaments..."
Delta Megazord Delta Megazord

"To further enhance its combat abilities the Delta Megaship can transform into a robot called the Delta Megazord. The Megazord was equipped with gattling blasters which could..."
Astro-Delta Megazord Astro-Delta Megazord

"The Astro-Delta Megazord is the combination of the Astro Megazord and the Delta Megazord. The new Megazord can use its fists..."
Mega Winger Mega Winger

"Mega Winger was a gift from the KO-35 rebels to Zhane. It is similar to the other Megaships in that it has two modes: flight, and fight..."
Mega Winger Megazord Mega Winger Megazord

"The wings of the ship can attach to the Mega Voyager to enable it to take to the air. The Mega Winger Megazord has similar defensive capabilities to the Astro..."
Mega-V Vehicles Mega-V Zords

"Andros won key cards in a card game with some evil space aliens, which lead to the discovery of the Mega V Zords. They were hidden on one of Jupiter's moons under the care of Zordon..."
Mega Voyager Mega Voyager

"The Mega V Zords combine to form Mega Voyager, which can merge with the wings of the Mega Winger to enable flight mode..."





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