Power Rangers RPM 2009



Astro Morphers Astro Morphers

"Gifted on the powerless Turbo Teens by Andros, these keypad activated Morphers seem to..
AM Scanner AM Scanner

"This is a discreet scanning device similar to the Turbo Navigators. However, it is extremely limited in its function, usually only used..."
Astro Blasters Astro Blasters

"The Astro Blaster is the default sidearm of each Space Ranger. It fires beams of energy than can disable opponents. The bladed..."
Galaxy Gliders Galaxy Gliders

"The Galaxy Gilders are a set of five hover boards, capable of both Space and interplanetary travel. Silver Ranger also has a Galaxy Glider, which..."


"The Digimorpher is the communication and transformation device of the Silver Ranger. To transform, Zhane dialled 2580 followed by Enter. The scr

Galaxy Gliders Super Silverizer

"The Super Silverizer is the only weapon of the Silver Ranger. It has two functioning modes- Blaster and Blade. The default mode is Blaster..."
Digimorpher Galactic Rover

"The Galactic Rover was a surprise machine driven by Zhane. He used it to rescue the powerless Rangers when they were under
Quadroblaster Quadroblaster

"The Quadro Blaster is a multi-attack rifle designed by DECA. This weapon currently represents the most powerful artillery piece available..."
Spiral Sabre Booster Mode

Spiral Sabre Booster Mode

Red Ranger's Spiral Sabre was modified by DECA to combine with his Astro Blaster to create a weapon with fire power equal to the Quadroblaster. The...

Battlizer Battlizer

"Originally a gift from Phantom Ranger, the Battlizer was given to Andros to enable him to control the Delta Megaship. However, it can also give him the power to pull off a series..."
Red Battilized Ranger Red Battilized Ranger

"The Battlizer can be used to activate the Red Battilized Ranger powers. When 03 is entered, the Red Ranger is given a powerful winged backpack that also houses large missiles..."






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