Power Rangers RPM 2009

Dark Specter Dark Specter

"Dark Specter called for a union of several of the universe's most powerful villains including Divatox, King Mondo, Master Vile, Rita..."
Astronema Astronema

"Astronema is an ambitious villainess who uses her army of Quantrons to reign terror on any who cross her path. This powerful woman..."
Ecliptor Ecliptor

"Ecliptor is Astronema's second in command aboard her Dark Fortress and is fiercely loyal to her. Ecliptor raised Astronema..."
Darkonda Darkonda

"Darkonda is a ruthless bounty hunter who has, over the years acquired extensive knowledge about countless locales throughout..."
Elgar Elgar

"Elgar is the nephew of Divatox. He was sent by Dark Specter to assist Astronema in the capture of Earth and the destruction of the..."
Quantrons Quantrons

"Quantrons are the robotic soldiers of Astronema. Quantrons are experts at hand to hand combat..."
Psycho Rangers Psycho Rangers

"Astronema created five evil duplicates of the Rangers in an effort to destroy Dark Specter and the Rangers at the same time. However..."





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