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TJ Johnson - Blue Space Ranger Name Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson
Designation Blue Space Ranger
Age 17
First Seen PR #251 / PRiS #01 / "From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #293 / PRiS #43 / "Countdown To Destruction, Part 2"


TJ is a seventeen year old African American. He is athletic, intelligent and leads by example, not by force and his gentle nature and charming smile seem to draw people to him. TJ is the cool, calm blooded balance to Carlos' crazy character.

TJ arrived in Angel Grove on board a bus, on which he first met Cassie, who later became the Pink Ranger. The two teens did not realize it, but they were both about to make a big entrance into the little town! They found Tommy and Kat were in Big trouble and did not hesitate to help them.

When the Power Rangers decided to hand the powers over, TJ became the new Red Ranger. He became the new Blue Ranger when Andros gave them Space Ranger Astro Morphers.







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