Power Rangers RPM 2009

Rito Revolto Name Rito Revolto
First Seen PR #156 / PRZ #01 / "A Zeo Beginning, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #205 / PRZ #50 / "Good As Gold "


Rito Rito Rito Rito Rito Rito


Rito Revolto is the dim-witted younger brother of Rita Repulsa. He arrived on the moon as a late wedding guest, bringing the Tenga Warriors with him. He was sent to assist Goldar on a mission to destroy the Command Center, by placing an implosion device underneath it. Impatient Rito activated the device too early, and so, when the mission changed to include capturing the Zeo Crystal, things went wrong. The Zeo Crystal wasnt fully formed until the last minute, and they stole it only moments before the device exploded.

During the explosion, Rito dropped the Zeo Crystal, and awoke empty handed on the streets of Angel Grove, with no memory of who he was. They were found by Bulk and Skull, who agreed to look after them, in return for manual labour. It was not until Rito wanted to find his family, that his memories started to return. When Rita and Zedd returned to Earth, he got his Bone Sword back, and he remembered everything. And with that, he returned to the Moon to live with Rita and Zedd.

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