Power Rangers RPM 2009



Zordon Zordon

"Zordon is the ageless sage who is guided by kindness and wisdom. He carries the beacon of goodness throughout the universe..."



Alpha 5 Alpha 5

"Alpha 5 is Zordon's faithful friend and aide. He built the Power Chamber and Inter-dimensional Communicator (the Energy Tube) by which Zordon communicates. Alpha is a panic bound..."



Billy Cranston Billy Cranston

"Billy, former Blue Ranger decided to cease being a Ranger in order to concentrate on manning the Power Chamber. Zordon knew this was a good decision, knowing that nobody was better equipped for the job than Billy. Bily is an expert on the..."



Bulk and Skull Bulk and Skull

"Bulk and Skull are Angel Grove's resident nitwits. The were originally punk bullies in High School, always picking on the Rangers... "
Lt / Detective Stone Lt / Detective Stone

"Jerome Stone was a Lt dealing with new recruits Bulkmeier and Skullovich at the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol. He often assigned them to mundane tasks, as whenever..."
Jennifer Jennifer

"Jennifer was Rocky's Computer Lab partner. She is stroppy, self-obsessed, and has little time for others. She is very intelligent, and dedicated towards her education..."


Shaun Shaun

"Shaun was one of Tanya's first friends at Angel Grove High, where she tutored him in History class. He is the captain of the Baseball team, and is short tempered and selfish..."
Raymond Raymond

"Raymond is the computer-whiz of Angel Grove High. He is good friends with Adam and Tanya, who he taught to surf the Internet. He also has a good..."
Heather Heather

"Heather is a champion snowboarder who had a romantic interest in the recently heartbroken Tommy. She is a fun loving girl, but also quick to annoy..."
Sam Trueheart / True of Heart Sam Trueheart / True of Heart

"True of Heart was the native American guide who assisted young Tommy on his Zeo quest, and supplied him with half an arrowhead, the key to his family secret... "
David David

"David is Tommy's long lost brother, who was raised on a native American reservation. He held the other half of the arrowhead gifted to Tommy on his Zeo Quest..."


Emily Emily

"Emily is the romantic interest in Jason's life. She was part of a beach gang who tried to drive Ernie's new Beachside Cafe out of business..."
Ernie Ernie

"Ernie is the nice guy who runs the Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar, as well as the Outdoor Cafe at the beach. He was a Quarterback for..."
Trey of Triforia Trey of Triforia

"Trey was a Triforian from the Planet Triforia, and the original Gold Ranger. Triforians are a race of beings composes of three entities, harmoniously merged as one being...."
Aquitian Rangers Aquitian Rangers

"The Alien Rangers of Aquitar are a race of ocean dwellers. They once defended the Earth when the Rangers were turned into children by Master Vile. They assisted the Zeo Rangers by..."
Auric the Conqueror

Auric the Conqueror "

"The Lost Tiki or Auric was discovered by Tanya's parents, who were lost on an expedition in Africa. All that remained of them was Auric's Golden key, which was sent to Tanya in Angel Grove..."



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